Human/Animal Sacrifice

Human or Animal Sacrifices

The Illuminati have no belief but the sovereignty of the human species.

The Illuminati are not a church, religion, political group, or charity, but an elite collective of global influencers working to advance the interests of the human species as a whole. Our decisions are independent of all human divisions, including religious and political differences.

We act only in the best interests of the human species we are entrusted with protecting, and therefore we do not demand any claims from our citizens in matters of personal worship, morality or belief.
The preservation of the human species takes precedence over everything.


Citizens who are loyal to the ideals of the Illuminati and who wish to become members of our organization are often referred to as Illuminatiam followers. They are free to choose whatever path in life they wish and to follow any mores they wish, provided their beliefs are always in the best interests of the human species as a whole. Followers of Illuminatiam forgo religious, geographic and generational differences to form a


single unit comprising many distinct parts, accepting that each part must be unique to function properly.

The Illuminati’s purpose is the preservation of the human species. Therefore,  sacrifices or any practice that does not serve the betterment of mankind would counter everything we represent and are thus prohibited in all circumstances.

While many have attributed such actions to our members, these connections are based only on rumors.

For more information, read Illuminatiam: chapter 8.